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National Heritage Board, 2019

How do we connect stories of the past with our current generations?

To promote greater awareness of our National Monuments, the Preservation of Sites and Monuments (of the National Heritage Board) inaugurated a programme named ‘Milestones Through Monuments’. The programme showcases Singapore’s National Monuments and highlights how these structures have played essential roles in Singapore’s history.

The National Heritage Board commissioned EXD Lab to create two public installations within the gazetting of the trio of Singapore River Bridges – Cavenagh, Anderson and Elgin bridges – as Singapore’s 73rd national monument.

Anderson Bridge

Anderson Bridge. Photo: National Heritage Board.

Creative Concept

Bridging through time.


“How could we create a novel way to invite public to interact with the monument? This interaction would also need to involve references to its past, to create a nostalgic connection.”

When it was unveiled in 1910, Anderson Bridge was Singapore’s first steel bridge. Its strength provided a backbone to relieve heavy traffic on the nearby Cavenagh Bridge.

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 ” “What if we invite the audience to board a ‘tram’ to embark on a historical journey through time?”

We offered a unique point-of-view to showcase the evolution of the different modes of transport crossing the bridge through the decades to reflect the durability and innovation of Singapore’s monumental journey.

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Design Development




Art installation on Anderson Bridge. (Photo: Jeremy Long), Source:

Channel News Asia

Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu (third from right) officiated the gazetting of the three Singapore River Bridges on 15 October, 2019. (PHOTO: NHB) Source: Yahoo News (Sg).

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