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Singapore Discovery Centre, 2018

How can students learn to cultivate international friendships from an early age?

In celebration of International Friendship Day, Singapore Discovery Centre invited students to reflect on ideas of globalisation and learn why it matters for Singapore’s future.

Crafting an Experiential Learning Journey

How do we teach complex subject matter to young minds?

We crafted an experiential storytelling curriculum for the children centering on a more personal point of view: “Why does it matter to me?”

The main challenge was translating the content and narrative into digestable pieces for such curious, young minds. The challenge was met through storytelling, multi-sensorial experiences, and inspiring innovation showcases.

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What if we catalyse the conversation on globalisation with fun and compelling storytelling?


Imagine we are living in a shrinking world. In this a globalised city, other countries are our neighbours.

Our lives are interconnected, and never before has there been such an excellent opportunity to live harmoniously, learn from one another, and collaborate for a collective, peaceful, and sustainable future.

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Welcome to

What does it mean to live in the next generations globalised world? Coupled with technological advances, global cities will continue to grow as epicentres of diversity, connectivity and creativity.


Explore our interactive multi-sensory booths to discover how countries are innovating to push boundaries and create new economic and cultural produts and services that improve lives.

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Design Concept

A Shrinking World, A Growing City

Global City


Layout Concept

Bird Eye View

Interactive Map
Multi-Sensorial Exhibit
Workshop Corner
Photo Corner
Screening Corner


Offline to Online Experience

Bridging the Gap

We display less offline content to allow visitors to focus on sensory exploration and web-based exhibition content.

These aspects facilitated greater in-depth exploration of the content, along with an abundance of relevant multimedia resources.

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An Experiential Learning Journey

Project Outcome

An Inspiring Story to be Shared

A larger scale Embassy Showcase titled ‘’ for International Friendship Day (IFD) was organised, supported by 11 embassies which highlighted the importance of diplomacy and globalisation with ASEAN themes of innovation and resilience were also incorporated.

The immersive learning environment reached out to about 8,500 visitors.

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Sustainable by Design

The exhibition was dismantled in a few of hours without destroying most of the materials.

Modular design and systematic structural design were applied to ensure the significant amunt of exhibits still can be reusable for the next rounds of usage (school & embassy showcases).

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Beyond Boundaries

We have proven ourselves to push the envelopes in delivering non-compromised & measured results, despite the restrictions & the scale of the project. We believe that we have provided a meaningful and impactful experiential learning journey.

The success story of was not only strengthening SDC as a brand, but it also delivered an insightful concept to the young minds. Resonating a message that we should celebrate our diversity, learn from each other and live together in harmony in One Diverse, Connected and Creative World.

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The programmes have engaged about 4,300 students across all levels and saw a 15% increase in take-up rate from the previous year.

— SDC, 2018

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