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It is the long history of humankind that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed. — Charles Darwin

A Collaborative Digital Tribe

Innovation manifests in less than optimal circumstances, and rarely as eureka moments of individual strokes of genius. During lockdown, sparks of innovative ideas can occur at the dining room table, the foot of the bed, or somewhere in between. Nowadays, these mostly take form through digital expressions.

In this era, meaning is created as we echo through others, building up our digital tribes. There’s no normal to return to; only a new status quo that we imagine, build and express through one another.

EXD Lab was built on the idea of harnessing the full potential of collaborative thinking within the ever-changing digital landscape. We have with us the studio founder, Danny Wijaya, to share with us about why collaborative work matters.

Alaine: Why did you start EXD Lab?

Bright minds are quite evenly distributed world-wide; however, great working opportunities are not. This condition creates a stereotypical bias and resource gap, or some would say an opportunity gap.

As a professional, each of us is just a single dot of a spark. So by connecting the dots, together we can form an empowering and illuminating network that can be beneficial to all.

EXD Lab was founded as the manifestation of our collective instinct to speak to the trending evolution of the digitalised workspace. Through our hybrid framework, we can cultivate a sustainable professional network to connect, collaborate, and co-create.

Alaine: What’s the hybrid framework model anyways? And what exactly is the benefit of this approach?

EXD Lab is an innovation and design collaborative. Our hybrid formula equals to: Experiential (local X global) Design collab. Through this platform, we can deliver modular and scalable customised solutions, anytime, any scale. Also, being channel-neutral allows us to be able to focus on more effective solutions for our clients, digitally and physically.

The Lab does not only stand for “collab”, but also, as an innovation & design lab we provide customised solutions.

The collaborative is also created as a high-performing digital tribe, as an agile vessel, to explore ways to respond to immediate creative challenges with beyond-the-box solutions, all while promoting creative transformation in the long-term.

Alaine: Nowadays, we have plenty of agencies, design studios and digital platforms to engage freelancers. So what’s new here?

We can be seen as a fluid agency — built atop a solid foundation of professional credentials, strategic partnerships, and global network fluidity, as the salient features to stay abreast of changing markets, clients, and needs — scalable and modular.

As a global-local design lab, we feel local and think global. We firmly set our footprints here in Singapore to garner authentic insights and empathise on the ground to evaluate the original problem to be solved.

Alaine: Thank you for sharing your story and your spirit of innovation. Do you have any closing message to share with the community?

Right now, the world may be momentarily standing still, but inspiration is spreading to tackle new problems cropping up on the daily. Our objective is to invite like-minded talents and clients who believe in collaborative work relationships to achieve this, together.

Alaine J., Singapore, 2020

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